How to Track

Tracking AAE shipments is easy and simple. Try out our new online tracking system.

●  By Internet - Tracking online
With online tracking, you have maximum visibility into your shipments’ status. Save time with download the proof of delivery directly from the tracking result page. Have more than one shipment you track? Try input up to 20 tracking numbers at once, so it’s even easier and faster to look them up. Go to and start tracking today.

●  By Phone - Tracking by phone
You can always call our toll free customer service number to ask updated status of your shipments.
For direct number, Eastern US please call (212) 302 8113. Western US please call (626) 288 9899.
See Contact Us section for business hours.

●  By App- Tracking by Mobile App
You can download our mobile App from Apple App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to track status of your shipments.
                iOS                                                Android