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Packaging recommendations
AAE provides you with all kinds of packaging materials, If you have your own packaging, the package needs to be able to bear the transportation, logistics and all other aspects of handling. If you are using recycled cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes, if there is wear and tear or will reduce the protection of goods, but also recommend that you do not use.
Free packing materials
Waterproof plastic bags (large and small):
Used for packaging small items compression
Paper envelope:
Packaging paper documents for items
Packaging materials fee
AAE provides a variety of specifications and size of the weight of the box form
Specifications Size Volume weight
1# 54*40*30 CM 10.8 KGS
2# 54*32*24 CM 6.9 KGS
3# 44*30*20 CM 4.4 KGS
4# 40*26.5*20 CM 3.18 KGS
5# 54*40*70 CM 25.2 KGS
Note: 1 # -5 # AAE box costs please contact service personnel.
Sealed with packing at the time of your good helper! Recommend the use of special sealing tape, the more viscous, allowing stronger cartons, glue icons can be seen with the way "King" font-paste method. This will make your box more secure, not easy to let go.
Sealed at the bottom and the top of the same steps. Start playing at the bottom.
From right to left, followed by order of the far right side of the box, the middle of the box length, the left side of the box, the middle of the box wide.
Buffer objects
If you want to send the fragile items, we recommend that you put some packing paper inside the box, bubble bags, foam cushioning materials, etc., help to reduce the delivery of goods when the shock lead to the breakdown of collision or injury! If you can not find these materials, you can advice to service personnel AAE.